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How to Deal with an Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Ice on and around your air conditioner may initially catch you by surprise – especially in the middle of summer. You may quickly check the inside of your AC and found the coils covered in ice as well. It will not take you long before you understand there is a problem in your air conditioner. […]

What is the difference between Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

Aircon Chemical Wash First, understood that chemical cleaning is different from the general cleaning service offered by professionals. When you seek professional assistance for orderly cleaning, they will mostly clean the outer parts of the machine. But chemical cleaning is different. They will UN build the main parts, such as, fan coils, water trays, and […]

Daikin air conditioner

How to use your Aircon ?- Daikin Mitsubishi Samsung

Late spring methods running the climate control system relentless. At the point when the temperatures warm up, the proficiency of a forced air system drops drastically. The accompanying tips won’t just facilitate the weight on your home forced air system, so it runs all the more proficiently, yet you’ll likewise save money on your vitality […]

My aircon is on however the room is as yet hot. What could be the issue?

Ensure that temperature isn’t set too high and the remote control is set to cool mode. Check if the entryway and windows are closed. Ensure that the air con unit is proper for the room estimate. Check if the fan curl is spotless On the off chance that a few sections are flawed, make sure […]

What is general aircon servicing and what includes

Keeping up your forced air system and having it overhauled all the time guarantees ideal execution and unwavering quality. An all around kept up forced air system runs all the more proficiently, drags out the general existence of the unit and recoveries your profitable time and cash. Aircon benefits, for the most part, involve structuring, […]

5 most common aircon maintenance mistakes to avoid

In the event that you need to keep your forced air system in ideal condition for quite a long time, you essentially can’t disregard to clean and check for its support. Ordinary upkeep broadens its life expectancy, as well as enhances its cooling proficiency and spares you gobs of cash on future aircon repairs. Sadly, […]