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5 Possible Reasons Why Your AC Is Dripping Even After Servicing

Normally AC dripping after service is taken as sloppiness. Main reasons of AC dripping can be either breakage of some component or damage in its pipeline. In time repairing of AC leaking can save you lots of money and fatigue in future.


Some of the reasons of AC dripping after servicing

Leakage in condensations unit:

Leakage in condensations unit can be one of the most possible reasons of AC dripping even after servicing during summer season due to its continuous use. Most of the times excessive condensation produce by evaporator coils can cause leakage in condensation unit. Before supplying dry and cold air into the room the evaporator coils dehumidifies the room by sucking and removing condensation in the room. Most of the condensation remove through the coil is drained out through drain outlet but if the drain line does not discharge the condensation effectively and quickly then sometimes it leak through the aircon.

Clogging of drain pipe:

Aircon leaking can also be caused even after aircon servicing by clogging of drain pipe of your AC with dust and dirt. The discharge of condensation is done normally through its drainage system but any how if the drainage system of your aircon gets clogged due to dust or debris then eventually the water of condensation will star AC leaking through your aircon. If you can not clear the clogging yourself then you can call the aircon repair specialist to clear out the problem.

Damaged insulation:

Insulation installed on the back of aircon while install it to the wall may get damage with the passage of time. Until it damages it soaks the condensation of the room developed on the copper pipe of the AC but after getting damaged it no longer absorbs the water of condensation which drips out of your AC as aircon leaking.

Obstructed air flow:

The clogging in air filter of your aircon can cause aircon dripping after servicing. Dust and debris from air can clog the filter of your AC even after its servicing causing icing in evaporator coil causing spilling of water out of your AC though the edge of condensation pan. Though it is recommended to clean the Air filter of your AC twice a year but you can also call servicing specialist even before if it obstructs the air flow few days after servicing as it may want to be replaced with a new one f the dust level is higher in your region.

Pinhole leakage in copper tubing:

Pinhole leak in the pipeline caused by natural forming in due to formic acid in the home that eats away its tubing can also cause aircon dripping even after its aircon general service. Formic acid in the form of formaldehyde is found in various house building product can damage the copper tubing used in the aircon which may cause pinholes in the tubing causing leakage of water in it. It must be repaired as soon as possible to save major expenditure in future.