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Why You Need Chemical Overhaul For Your Air Con?

Installing an air con is one of the best ways to aircon maintenance clean and fresh air in our houses. A good air-con system ensures that air circulates well in the room and consequently offers comfort to the people inside. Proper maintenance and cleaning of an air-con unit ensures that it will last for a longer time . One way of maintaining the air con is called the chemical overhaul ac service singapore.

Chemical overhaul is a process of thoroughly cleaning and reconditioning an reliable aircon service. The process is aimed at cleaning the air con parts and machines which have stayed for along time without being cleaned. It is also mainly recommended for air cons that have been used continuously without maintenance. Chemical overhaul therefore help in restoring and improving the performance of the air-con unit. This process is also very important in restore the functionality of the machines when the normal cleaning processes fail to do so.

A lot of care is taken when carry out this process. The air con unit must first be dismantled from the wall to ensure proper and thorough cleaning of each and every part of the unit. Chemicals are then used to properly clean the filters of the air con and ensure that the air expelled from the unit is clean and fresh. This is particularly very important in prevent breathing problem and allergies that are associated with dirty air and dust particles accumulated in the aircon general service. The next step involves the lubrication of the fan bearing to make sure that the unit operates quietly without any noise. In case your air con has a problem of water leakages, a process of chemical cleansing is carried out on the drainage system to curb this problem and stop the leakage.

During a AC chemical overhaul, the fan evaporator coil is chemically cleansed to remove the accumulated dust and dirt so that heat is transferred properly within the air con. This process also involves the topping up of the refrigerant gas that is used for the exchanging heat in the air con. All these chemicals used in chemical overhaul of the air con ensure that the unit gives you cool air that is clean by breaking down all the accumulated dust particles and dirt sucked by the machine from outside best aircon service.

Another good reason why you should use aircon chemical overhaul is that it checks the thermostats and controls of the unit. The whole unit is test before commissioning its functioning. For instance the coil is detached from the wall and thoroughly washed with the chemical then rinsed in clean water to ensure it does not corrode with the aircon chemical wash once it starts functioning again. The drain pan, fan blade and the blower wheel are also cleaned while the fan coil unit is reinstalled. Afterwards the pressure is checked to ensure accurate function of the unit.

Having a chemical overhaul cleaning on your air con is accrued with many benefits. The unit will now work less hard in cooling the room therefore consuming less power and consequently saving you on electricity bills. The process also ensures a longest life of a unit that gives clean, fresh and safe air. A proper chemical overhaul maintains your aircon service company  unit and there is no need to replace the parts now and then or keep on hiring people for its maintenance.