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What is Air Con Servicing and Repair?

Air conditioning units have three primary components which include the air condenser, the compressor, and the evaporator. Each of these components has a variety of smaller parts which need routine services and occasional repair to ensure a long and useful service life for the air conditioner. An air con service technician can help with these service and repair needs and can be available to you for any questions you may have about your particular unit. The better you tend to your air conditioner now, the more reliable it will be when the time comes to cool your home or business.


Most aircon servicing requires a technician to look at all parts of the aircon general service system, including the compressor and the condenser unit which are found outside your home and the evaporators coil which is found in the main duct junction above your blower or furnace. Tests may be performed on the level of coolant or refrigerant in the system as well as the system pressure. Loss of pressure or a low level of refrigerants may indicate a leak within the compressor or condenser. A qualified services technician will be able to perform the necessary repair and have your system restored and recharged quickly.


There are simple things most homeowners can do to help maintain the outside component of their air con system. The metal fins surrounding the condenser are responsible for aiding the rapid exchange of heat energy while the air con is operating. These fins are packed closely together and may often become clogged with dust and other debris, decreasing their ability to perform the necessary heat exchange. Carefully remove loose dirt and debris will give the unit a boost in performance, but use caution in how you perform this maintenance task. The fins on the aircon system are made of aluminum and are easily bent or crumpled. Only use a fin comb from a local hardware store to clean and straighten fins while avoids the use of a water hose.

When in need of additional aircon repair or service, consider a Singapore air con company. As with many other forms of home repair and construction services, air con service technicians are trained and licensed to perform maintenance and repairs on most forms of home air con and refrigeration units. Their expertise in air con industry is of vital importance when considering the comfort we have all come to expect while in our homes or offices. Neglecting to have a certified technician check and aircon service your unit yearly could cause an unexpected loss of efficiency and eventual breakdown of the unit when you need it most.

Regular check

Home air con had regular and scheduled check and maintenance service, something we forget about home aircon servicing promotion. We only use such service in the hour of breakdown. It makes you go crazed with the summer heat unless the aircon singapore service person knocks on your doorstep. To enjoy continuous aircon maintenance service, check your reliable aircon service on a regular basis. Air con lists the following benefits of a regular check:

– Decrease in power consumption

– Cooling and heating capacity- improves

– Life of the air con extends

– Chances of system failure reduce

While there is no substitute for having your aircon cleaning serviced, you will want to do some things that are going to help you to keep it in better repair. These should, of course, be done in addition to anything that your current aircon service company suggests.


The first thing you will want to do is to make sure that your air filters are replaced on a monthly basis. While you are going to find that some filters make the claim they can be used for up to 3 months, most will fill up with dirt and pollen, and this will affect the efficiency of your system. In fact, if left alone for too long, you will notice a substantial reduce in the cooling effect that your system has.

Air ducts are going to be another area that you will want to address as well. A good idea will be to have a professional company come out and clean these air canal and ensure that the dust and grime that builds up in them is removed. It includes the air vents, and you should notice the air flows more effectively and that there is a reduction in the allergens that blow into the air as well.

Avoid stacking things

Another important thing you will want to keep in mind is that you should avoid stacking things on your air con as well. Some people will stack furniture and even lawn extract on these items, and that can lead to build up forming in the actual unit itself. Over time, this can break down the efficiency and potentially cause long-term damage to the air conditioner.

As you start to learn more about your system, you can turn your focus to ways that you can help to keep it in good aircon repair at all times as well. Your goals would be to keep it operating at peak execution long as possible. It will mean you may need to call the professionals. Especially when you find that some odd noises or problems emerge with the unit. Since these problems don’t normally just work themselves out, it is crucial you have them looked into as quickly as possible ac service singapore.

Remember, the first line of defense your air con unit will have going to be you. The approach you take to maintaining it and ensuring the unit is properly cared for is going to reduce the number of problems that you are going to have. Just be sure you continue to schedule the regular air con service calls, to ensure that it remains in tip top shape. You can choose from a number of different companies who will render this aircon service to you. The importance of them though will be that you find a choice that not only offers an affordable price but also dependability and quality service as well. It is, after all, a unit that you will not need to be without during the summer months.

Most air con service technicians charge a flat rate for a home visit to inspect your unit and will give their assessment before suggesting any possible repairs. Any aircon repair will have an additional cost for parts and the number of labor hours involved for the repair to take place. Reducing such aircon repair costs requires diligence on your part as a homeowner to have a complete service performed annually to keep your unit in top operating condition.