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What Are The Benefits Of Regular Air Con Servicing in Singapore?

Looking for aircon servicing? An Air Con became an essential product in our day to day life. Air con is a perfect equipment to make a comfortable surrounding for you. It works by changing the temperature of the environment. Like any other appliances, you need to take good care of your Air con. You need to do regular aircon maintenance checks to avoid major problems. Regular aircon servicing has so many benefits. If you find and a problem and solve it in the earlier stage, it will help you to avoid major repair and save money on repair costs. It will also reduce your electricity bill.

Energy Efficiency:

Regular aircon general service can improve the Air con’s efficiency and also reduce your monthly electricity bill. A clogged air filter in your Air Con can affect the efficiency of the machine. It will obstruct the air flow which increases the energy consumption. This will result in low performance and discomfort to the user. The clean air filters in your Air con save 15 percent more energy than the dirty one. You can clean or change the filters easily. Dirty condenser coils will push the air compressor to run harder which improve the energy consumption and increase the electricity bill eventually. Cleaning condenser coils will reduce the energy consumption and also decrease your electricity bill.

Lower Repair Costs:

If you don’t do regular maintenance, your Air con will cost you more on major repairs in long run. The regular aircon service and correcting small problems will save a lot of money in repair cost. The dirty filter and condenser will also result in premature failure of the internal parts of your Air con. The cost of maintenance works or small repairs will be much less than the cost of a major repair. Regular servicing also helps you to identify the leaks which can affect your Air con or building structure.

Longer Life:

All appliances have a specified self-life in which they could perform well. Regular maintenance will increase the self-life and performance of the Air con. Your Air con will serve you well for long time, if you do regular maintenance works. If any one part fails in the Air con system, it will affect the overall performance. So, you should take care of all parts in the Air con unit. Do regular maintenance checks to ensure high performance of your aircon singapore.

Quality Performance:

Sometimes you may not get the comfortable surrounding (warm/ cool) with the Air con even you use it in its full capacity. An appliance loses 5 percent of its efficiency in  every year. If you do regular aircon maintenance every year, you can get 90 – 95 percent efficiency for many years. A well maintained Air con will give high performance and also consume low energy than others. The well maintained Air con will provide 100 percent comfort to you when you use it in your house or office ac service singapore.


Prevention is better than cure. You should keep your aircon servicing promotion unit in good shape to get good performance and longer self-life. A well maintained Air con will save your money in many ways. You can fix small problems in Your aircon cleaning by yourself. But, it is recommended to contact a good professional worker for regular servicing of your reliable aircon service. A small investment in Aircon maintenance will save your large invest on appliances.