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How to Service Mitsubishi Aircon?

When you visit most of the residence homes or offices in Singapore, you will find that most of them own similar brands or rather models of Air Conditioners. Why? The answer is simply since they do believe in renowned brands. Mitsubishi Electric is one of the few companies that are known for manufacturing top of the range air con systems. They are known for designing air con systems that are ideal for homes, industrial and commercial use. As a Singaporean, you know that the weather here is favorable because you cannot talk of winters or summers but just a normal weather that is not adverse.

You will need an Air con that makes your home a cool place to relax. The Mitsubishi Ac is an Aircon that can be used anywhere on this planet. As a Singaporean, all that you need is an ideal Mitsubishi Aircon that makes your home comfortable but it should also be affordable and easy to maintain. Today, you are going to learn on how to maintain your Aircon without necessarily having to call Air-con Servicing Company unless it defeats you. If you are able to do it by your own, well and best, take a look at the following maintenance skills.

Cleaning the Air Con

The first precaution that you should take before you commit yourself to cleaning an AC is to ensure that it has been switched off. Do this by turning off the circuit breaker or the conventional on/off button.

Copper Connection

When you have turned off the Aircon, you should now continue to the association that interfaces the framework/unit to into the house. Is the copper pipe hot? At the point when this pipe is incredibly hot, that means that flotsam and jetsam or rather dust which should be dispensed with. To do this, you need a sweeper or a brush that can clear out the residue or any issue that is holding itself reporting in real time conditioner unit.

Open Aircon Unit

When you are finished with cleaning dust, it is currently time to attempt to the interior unit. The unit has a cover that is very easy to remove. There must be an instruction on the AC unit that illustrates to you how to remove the cover. The direction would be straight forward hence no need for further details on that. Care: You should also not forget to wipe out dust from the inner side of the cover.

Additional Information

Depending on the model of Mitsubishi AC that you have, you may be forced to do other task to the air conditioner like applying a lubricant on specific areas. Let your user manual guide you on this. When you are done, you could also ensure that everything has been fixed well to avoid any feature damage.


It is now time to turn on the main switch or circuit breaker to find out if your air con is working properly. On the off chance that it is currently in great condition, at that point you ought to praise yourself.